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  • Büsan 4 Özel Org. San. Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Kupa Cad. No:7/F



  • 2 Axle Tipper Semi Trailer : 27500 Kg
  • 3 Axle Tipper Semi Trailer : 35500 Kg
  • 4 Axle Tipper Semi Trailer : 43500 Kg
(Maximum laden weight)


  • (GLT2)-2 Axle Tipper Semi Trailer “Options: Pool Type-Half Pipe”, “Box Type”, “Scrap Tipping Semi Trailer”
  • ​​(GLT3)-3 Axle Tipper Semi Trailer “Options: Pool Type-Half Pipe”, “Box Type”, “Scrap Tipping Semi Trailer”
  • (GLT4)-4 Axle Tipper Semi Trailer “Options: Pool Type-Half Pipe”, “Box Type”, Scrap Tipping Semi Trailer”

Weight (Empty):

  • 6500 Kg -8500 Kg (Standard for “3 axle Tipper” 24mtipper semi trailer: 6300 Kg, Base and Side: 4 mm HB 450* material)

Axle Unit:

  • (2,3,4) x 12 tons (Turkish brand) or (2,3,4) x 9 tons (German brand)

Tire Unit And Dimension:

  • (4,6,8) Unit 385/65 R 22,5″ or (8,12,16) Unit 12R22,5


  • Tipper has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as “I” crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage.
  • Material quality standart is ST 52.

Box Material:

  • Base 4 mm HB 450 (* Brinell Hardness Value: 450, Abrasion Resistant Steel), Side 4 mm HB 450 materials or request and are manufactured in accordance with the thickness value.
  • Also Tipper Semi Trailer addition steel 4 mm – 5 mm support is ST 52 .


  • Brakes system is used according to the standards EEC 97/12, double-circuit pneumatic, EBS, WABCO is brand.
  • While tipper semi trailer is unloading, suspension automatic to fall is standard.


  • 1 unit, 4 or 5 is lavel brand is “Hidromas”.

Back Cover:

  • Mechanical open or hydrolic


  • All Tender (plastic), water tank, bump stop rubber. Plastic tool cabinet and eat box, manometre (suspension boot barometric pressure shall).

Tipper Semi Trailer Dimensions:
Total Lenght:

  • 8000 mm – 10500 mm (Standard tipper semi trailer: 8950 mm)


  • 20 m3– 60 m3(optional) (“For Pool Type” Standard : 24 m3)


  • 2550 mm (Internal width: 2340 mm)

Tipping Box Height:

  • 1400 mm – 1570 mm (Standard: 1470 mm)

Tipping Box Length:

  • 6700 mm – 7600 mm (Standard: 7600 mm)

Electric Installation:

  • The used Installation materials conform to the EEC 24 Certified European norms.

Lifting Foot:

  • OMS brand 2×24 tones two cyclet lacklift system.


  • The desired color of Acrylic paint is used as top coat over two layered epoxy.

King Pin:

  • 2″or 3,5″ flanged bolts, resistant to high degrees of tension brakes, produced from forged steel. Easy to change thanks to screw connections. E Certified.